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Who is Perceptive Edge?

We are in-house human resources consultants and specialize in the "people" side of the business. Our primary focus is with entrepreneurial and family-run businesses and we thoroughly enjoy our unique and interesting clients. These companies don't have nor do they need large human resources departments; hence they retain us for specific, human resources related projects.

Formed in 1991, we work predominately in Toronto and the surrounding area. Our client base spans throughout North America including: Washington DC, Georgia, California, New York, Quebec and British Columbia.

Our Mission

We work as your portable Human Resources department offering a unique alternative to traditional methods. Our specialties lie in recruiting and other employee-related challenges and requirements.

Our Method

As we learn and understand your business, culture and vision, we are able to identify your specific requirements. Depending on your needs, we take ownership of a project or act as a coach, mediator or advisor. We are committed to providing quality, confidential and timely service combined with respect and exceptional communication.

The Result

Maintaining or increasing your competitive edge. Your success. Our success.

Lonely at the top

It can be lonely at the top and owners/senior managers often benefit from an outside person for objective input and brainstorming. Working with other like-minded people who have similar challenges, we will be your facilitator or coach as it relates to upsizing, downsizing, assessing and developing your current team as you continually prepare for changes. Confidentiality will be respected and maintained.

Home | Services | Contact | Testimonials

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